Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Getting to know music artist Trill

Tell us about you:

Hi are you guys doing my name is Cornell EILAND I am a rapper / entrepreneur from East st Louis Illinois but I reside in GEORGIA . My rap name is TRILL but I’m also known as TRILL NELL or TRILL BANDZ . The things that make me different as a artist are my creativity, my passion for writing , I’ve worked 20 years almost perfecting my craft even as a kid I wrote rap after rap trying to become the best I could be as an artist this is not just a talent I’m blessed with this is my passion I’ve gave my life to being an artist. I’ve put in the time the hours and the grind that’s need to be a successful rapper . It takes 10,000 hours to perfect any craft A wise man once said , I’ve put in over 200,000 hours into one craft . In the next 5 years I see myself being one of the biggest artist in the rap game if not the biggest I have total confidence that once my music is into the right hands I will take off in the industry . I have the talent to be as big as the biggest artist in the industry and I’m not being cocky I just know I’ve worked very hard to get where I am as an artist . What I bring to the music world is perfection , unique rap ability , creativity, authenticity, talent , passion , and i bring EAST ST Louis which is a sound never heard before raw and uncut . The world has never heard a sound like the sound I bring . I want to be remembered by a LEGEND one of the greatest to ever touch a microphone , one of the best to ever grab an ink pen and write a rhyme , I want be considered one of the hardest working men to ever do this because I’ve dedicated my life to this . I don’t work hard to just be a underground rapper / local artist , hood rapper or nothing of the sort I work to be the best of the best and I have style that is versatile. It’s nothing I can’t rap about and no task that is too hard when it comes to creating music . I not only want be an artist I want to be the owner of my own record label where I will help and sign other artist also . I plan to build an empire and a legacy that’s bigger than life I just need that one Great start . I don’t just have the “stay an artist “ mindset I have bigger and bigger goals and i plan to accomplish each one . I also have a writing ability and I love writing so at some point I maybe get into writing for others and creating sounds for others as well . I plan to be bigger than just an artist but I plan to be an exceptional artist as well . I thrive everyday to be as great as I can be with this music and I’m not giving up . I Have the ambition , drive , disciple , and will to be great with music and I’m determined to be great . Where I’m from there is not many opportunities and especially with music so now I’m located in Georgia in hopes to push my music in a better environment and get the notoriety I need . I’m pushing at every aspect with this music and I know one day soon I will be able to present my greatness to the world . In due time with the right people and right team I think I can be bigger than ever , and I think with the right position I can help put other people in the right position . Im very thankful for this opportunity and I plan on showing you guys that I’m serious about each word that I’ve said .
Instagram is Trillway19


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