Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Getting to know music artist RTC

My artist name is RTC and I’m from Queens New York. I grew up in the area called Jamaica in Queens. Which is know area for the rapper 50 cent.Growing up on that side of town definitely built me to understand that everything in life doesn’t come easy and you have to work hard to achieve the goals you want to accomplish. I called it having a queens mindset.
Always having to be ten steps ahead of everyone to survive in the environment. I love music it helps me deal with curtain situations that life brings me. If it wasn’t for my grandfather and father I think I wouldn’t love music the way I do. My father used to take to parties he would Dj when I was a kid. At the time when hip-hop and r&b was at its early 2000’s era. Listening to him play artist like Pharrell really change my perspective on loving music. When I’m putting together a track and making something out of nothing is the best feeling in the world in my opinion. That’s why I love it. Having that feeling that you made a masterpiece just from ideas I had from my mind. Making music is the most amazing feeling as well. What makes me different as a music artist is I’m not afraid to explore different genres and do thinks differently also being my self. My music background as a kid really makes me different as well I used to listen to Mozart And also enjoy some Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder. I also enjoyed old school retro games like Nintendo and stuff like that. When you hear some of the beats I sample you would hear similar 90s retro game sounds tracks. My music comes from true events and I always create after going through events. I spend a lot of time and effort on working on my craft and study the greats like Nas, Biggie and Kanye West. It took me a couple of years to develop my own sound and to get a better understanding on music theory. It wasn’t a easy journey as well most of the stuff I learned I taught my self by studying other artist music and taking each instrument and sound apart then putting it back together to have a better understanding. I enjoyed the journey cause now I listen and feel music a different way. In 5 years I see my self as a better artist and producer cause there’s always room for improvement and getting to work with the artist and producers I always wanted to work with. Also being able to perform at different festivals like rolling loud and governors ball. Going to those concerts and seeing how the crowd reacts is amazing and I want to experience that when people listen to my music. I want to accomplish spreading positivity in life and making people feel great when they are listening to my music.Also giving back to the community I grew up in is a major goal of mine.When I’m creating a song I try to make my lyrics relatable so the people listening can have something to relate to. My music brings nostalgia with the samples and hand pick sounds I make from scratch. As a producer I like to respect the originals like 70s pop artist r&b artist by sampling their work so the younger generation can look back and say I like this song. I want to be remembered as a icon who wasn’t afraid to make a positive change through making music and much more.


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