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Getting to know music artist K3ITHRO 

Tell us about you:

My artist name is K3ITHRO aKa Jei Money aKa baby 3 or you can call me K3 but for short you can call me 3. I use to go by a name of bishoprone , which was my artist name for two and a half years ago. I recently changed my name to the new names that I do now have (K3/ J money) because bishop was shiesty (if you ever watched it) .
◦ I am from RayBlock aKa Spring Lake, North Carolina. I been here for eighteen plus years. I was originally My artist name is K3ITHRO aKa Jei Money aKa baby 3 or you can call me K3 but for short you can call me 3. I am from RayBlock (spring lake) North Carolina. I been living in North Carolina for eighteen plus years. I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina though.

I love music because when I was younger around the age five through six years old, my uncle would play music and we would vibe out to it. My uncle actually taught me how to nod my head to music , I remember it like it was yesterday. I also love music because growing up thats all my father and uncles and his friends would do , was make music. I would only listen to them, I was never to big on hearing out any other artists. In my eyes they were the ones I looked up too and would listen to in my portable CD player. My uncle showed me how to record at a young age. I was like six years old when I recorded my first song. I did it myself actually. It was to a Soulja boy instrumental.

What makes me different as a artist is that I’m not doing music for the fame, I’m doing this because this is my only route. I don’t see myself doing anything else besides making music. Music runs through my mind everyday, like literally I would lose jobs because I was in the studio working on my craft. I’m doing this for the long run not the short run. In five years I see myself taking care of my family and the ones I love. I see myself putting them into positions as where they do not have to work state/federal jobs. I see myself providing the things I always wanted to do as a child to my younger siblings/kin. I see myself making my old neighborhood a better affordable / living condition for the families who live there.

I bring my lifestyle/ life story to the music world. I bring Authenticity to the music world. The music world we live in now wants everyone to be themselves in this industry. Fans want something to hear that they’ll be able to vibe with / relate with. I bring my own sound to this music world, something you won’t forget it. Last but not least , I will also bring my younger cousins with me and present them to the music world.

I want the world to remember me by a person who lived up to their promises and dreams. A person who never quit/gave up on any problem no matter what the situation was. A person who always got back up and handled any problem that came thy way. I want to be remembered as a person who would be there whenever you needed him to be. I also want to be recognized as a person who made wonderful music for millions of people to enjoy listening to.


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