Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Getting to know music artist Darius Gro$$

Tell us about you:

I Go by Darius Gro$$ And I was Born in Baltimore Maryland.

I Started Loving Music At a Young Age When I used to chill around my older cousins that rapped. I always wanted to be like them lol. It was always in the genes from the jump. My father played the piano and was a singer used to sing. I just always knew I was made for music.

What makes me different from other artists is that I stay in my own lane. In this generation I feel that people don’t know how to be different. When a new trend comes along everyone wants to ride the wave at the moment. That’s how this generation is. If u not trending on what’s going on then ur not cool. But I just think the opposite. I try to be all around different and spread a message.

Where do I see myself in 5 years ? Sheesh lol I wanna be independently stable throughout my career. I want to branch out and work with other artists and just make good music like I’ve always been. Good quality music.

What I want to accomplish through my career is being the best artist I can be. No matter how hard it is. Everyone goes through things in life. For everyone just wanting to give up, keep GOING. It’s always a shiny bright light at the end of that tunnel waiting for you. Just keep pushing and stay out the way. 💯

I bring a lot of different messages into the music world. A message that everyone can relate to. I’ve been through a lot in my life to losing people to drugs, homies being locked up for life, not having a father around. Family switching up on you . Shit is life. I just want to let all my fans to know that are not alone.

I want to be remembered by my creativity, and the messages I bring into this world with my music. And everyday I hope I can help a another soul out there that can overcome in anything in life with my music. A helping hand is hard to come by nowadays


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