Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Getting to know music artist 2 Much

Tell us about you:

My name is 2 much I’m from asbury park New Jersey I coulda played ball but instead I’m givin yall the real story of a misunderstood man I’ve been able to get this far because everytime somebody told me I couldn’t do it I showed em exactly the opposite I am the true definition of resilient

My success has been blocked by non support hate from the area I’m from nobody thought I would bubble this fast and make to where I am today it’s people I grew up listening to where I’m from and now they ask me when the next song dropping so let that sink in

In order to find success you just stop looking where ever you are and look deep inside ure self because if you don’t see success in you it will never be found in the world !

I really specialize in bein my self A lot of people in the industry are pushing other peoples sound and wanna be a look alike to get on I’m me through and through I make R&B drill music I sing no auto tune then give you real passion right after In punchlines and metaphors

Success is knowing you the king of the jungle with out growling or saying a word at all it’s something that’s in you not on you a women or man can feel it pouring off you and it intimidates then because they might not have it for them selves yet

What’s next for me good Question I’ve sold out shows I made money off my music now I wanna hit the big screen and start changing the world I wanna give the youth hope wen they hear my story I’m ready to go global and give back to every human who needs it tbh

Get with me on ig 2grxmy52_ or my fb theartist twomuch


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