Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Getting to know FTF Yungyin

Tell us about you:

My name is Ftf Yungyin. I am from Richmond Virginia. Music has always been my passion. I love the way it makes me feel, the way it dictates my moods, the way it uplifts me when I’m down , or motivates me when I need an extra push. I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, but I really fell in love with music in of the the darkest times in my life. When I thought everyone and everything was against me and world turned its back on me, music was there. It was my heartbeat for the time I felt alone and it completed my soul. For every emotion I went through or felt, there was a song to match it. Every since then music has been a lifestyle for me. As a rapper/musician I stand out amongst others due to the fact that I am extremely versatile. I can sing , rap , harmonise, and freestyle without having to wonder how I’m going to do it. I can rap about ANY AND EVERYTHING. From cars , shoes , women etc. to more worldly topics like poverty, struggle, hustle. Another thing that makes me different is the story that I come with. I’ve been through so many things in my life that most people wouldn’t be able to overcome and I Shaped it into something positive, I learned to face it , I made it become apart of the ink that spilled from my pen, and most importantly, I used it to make everyone I ever came in contact with motivated. In five years I not only want to be an accomplished musician, but a successful business man , an entrepreneur, a father , a family man , a role model, and a mentor to those who can lean on me when they are in need. Also in that five year span I hope to own a couple establishments. I want a few rental properties, restaurants, food trucks , bars , clubs , and hopefully a clothing line as well. I don’t have a limit as to what I want to accomplish because the sky is truly the limit for me. What would make me the happiest is being the first person in my family to actually be able to say I made. I’d like to put my family and friends in better positions so that we all can function and live comfortably. Although I am focused on music I’d like to finish school at some point in my life just to tell my mom I kept my promise. Id like to win a couple of music awards and meet some of the big names I grew up on. When I’m making music I bring nothing but raw energy, fun , hype , swag, excitement, hustle , hard work , talent , good vibes , great story telling , creative ideas and new sounds. I bring MYSELF which i fee like is most important because I am truly one of a kind. When it’s my time to go and the light dims on me , I want to be remembered for not only my creative bodies of work , but for what I’ve done for people behind the music. I want to be known as a good human being with a kind heart , a good father , a good son , a good family man , a good friend, a God fearing man who would give you the shirt off of his back if he had. I want people to remember that I not only changed the music world but in some way shape or form I changed and influenced them to be a better person. I want to be remembered as a legend.


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