Monday, June 5, 2023
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Getting to know music artist Bugatti Johnson 

Why do you love music?

I love music because I’m able to express myself and escape from life. making music is like watching tv or reading a book for me. It gives me an escape a way to release my mind. It’s helps unlock dark areas that I put a lock on sometimes you need to release that. But music is my therapist/prescription it helps me deal with it all depression anxiety aggression etc I love it. One of my first loves. I’ve been wanting to be a rapper since I was young probably around the age of 6 or 7 my brother helped pushed me in that direction. The artist that I first followed was bow wow he was young as hell and all the women liked em I loved that. That’s what I wanted at that age then I began to follow ludacris, t.i., Jeezy, Wayne later Kevin gates my favorite artist now. I always wanted to be a singer for real but I don’t have a voice like Chris brown or Michael Jackson etc. that’s one of my goals tho in the future take some vocal/ singing lessons.

What makes you different as a music artist?

What makes me different as an artist is I just make music. I make what I like because I love to make music. I make music about me shit that I either seen. Also I bring I mean me to my music. Every song is a lil different then the next as an the recording process trying new sounds and doing different things. Im always trying to get better as an artist like I said I can’t sing but I’m getting better everyday. I’m just different but it’s easier to show then to tell it. Very hard to explain with words.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where I see myself In 5 years is in a better place then I am today. Healthier stronger wiser. I’m focused on progressing right now me and my team. Everybody’s locked in. So I know 1000% i will be better. I don’t know where or what that is. But I just know that’s where I’m headed. Locked in bags packed ready to go. I’m scared of heights though so I hope we really ain’t gotta get there by a plane but that’s fine. I’m ready. Take off wings in the air.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

What I want to accomplish in life is I want to find happiness. I wonder if it can be bought I hear it can’t but I just want to find happiness in life. Want to be the best bugatti johnson I don’t really care about being compared to the next person I just care about being greater then who I was 1 second ago. Always be better BeingBetterMan always the goal.

What do you bring to the music world?

What I bring to the music world is a focused individual. I’m bring some more of Chicago to the game. Tho we already here I bring another story we here. Also a artist Who strives for greatness. I bring you bugatti johnson. People always asking what type of music I make I just say I’m focused on making good music so I guess that’s my genre good music. Tune in and check me out you be the judge for yourself

What do you want to be remembered by?

What I want to be remembered by is that I was always me and I never changed for the worse but only for the better. You look at me and see great man/ stand up guy. Stand for what I believe in. Remember me next to greatness. A leader a fearless man, who isn’t perfect but strives to be. Everyday was a new day and everyday he was. better him then the next. 1000🖤 Gatti


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