Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Getting to know music artist Blacc9inee

Getting to know music artist Blacc9inee

Blacc9inee is a musical artist and songwriter Hamlet, North Carolina.

Tell us about you:

Why do i love music?, i love music because its art, and the art behind music helps/regulates how i feel if you understand me. Music is an vibration that can make u move or even create brilliant ideas just off the instruments.
I can say i see myself very successful in the next 5 years, not just in the music business, but as an actor as well.
Its hard to say what I actually want to accomplish in life when I’ve accomplished so much at an young age, but for the most part i feel the need to accomplish my dreams and i feel like everything else after that will fall in place.
I think i bring more life to music, because of the hype, energy, and passion i have for music says it all I believe im the most underrated, underground, independent artist. I can spit like whoever i want because God blessed me with an talent through the tongue and its like motivation, one minute i slow it down or speed it up, the flow is too crazy.
I want to be remembered as an One of the top 5 Artist/Actors of all times no matter what i have to do or what it takes im coming for my spot right or wrong its TAKEN
-Chris Quick(@Blacc9inee)


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