Monday, September 25, 2023
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Impeccable Mueller Hosts ‘1 Impeccable New Year’

Impeccable Mueller kicks off the new year with the hottest event of 2022! Impeccable Mueller sponsored “1 Impeccable New Year” on January 1st, featuring DJ Rello on the sounds and photos by @detroyjb. Many excellent artists and creatives from Central Pennsylvania were featured at this event. Not Your Average Kitchen, Impeccable Treats, SkyHigh Apparel, and Temporary Streetwear were among the cool merchants in attendance. This event also included the option to receive a tattoo while in attendance, with @wavysince98 and @noaharasmus as the two featured tattoo artists.

Mueller, Lil Rekk, and Sprite Lee were the stars of the show, which was jam-packed with talent. Drew Tyrell, Genre, Mike Mobbin, Mtf Skavo, BCMUAC TLO, Lul Kizzle, Geniuz, Lynique, and Cache Capri were among the other musicians in the showcase.

Mueller, ever impeccable, continues to make significant progress in the industry. His last release ‘Internet’ featuring Lil Rekk Is already over 18,000 views on YouTube!

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