Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Shown 1K Makes Return With New Song “Spaceships Ain’t Real”

Atlanta-based rapper Shown 1K takes audiences to a whole new world in new single “Spaceships Ain’t Real.” The new track is a sonically pleasing anthem that’s sure to have you moving and blasting in your car. The song showcases a new side of Shown 1K, who gets real and authentic on the track, singing on the beat while delivering a catchy hook that will definitely be stuck in your head all day.

The new release comes right after the release of his last full-length project ‘Stackaveli’ which first introduced audiences to Shown 1K’s new sound. On ‘Stackaveli,’ Shown 1K is quite literally reborn into a new artist as he crafts a fresh sound for an altogether new generation of listeners with this release. ‘Stackaveli’ is anchored by careful lyrics and unrestrained poetry, inspired by one of his musical heroes, 2Pac. He also has a harmonic flow in his pocket that, once heard, will never be forgotten.

Shown 1K is the car that allows this MC to escape the chaos of the streets and re-enter the realm of beats and rhymes. It’s no wonder that he’s shared the stage with huge names like Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Moneybagg Yo, and Boosie, given his passion to his craft and hustling mindset. The concept of rebirth is fundamental to Stackaveli’s work, and it’s also visible in Shown 1K’s present career, from “hustling, trappin’ like an MF” before music to “sharing the same stage as other hip-hop music superstars.”

“Music is my therapy. I talk to my microphone when I can’t talk to others. Until I started expressing myself via music, no one really paid attention to me or my thoughts. In a recent interview, he says, “Not only do I rap, but I also have a harmonic flow with metaphoric bars and punchlines that are out of this world.”

Stackaveli represents all of the teachings and challenges he has encountered in his life. Shown 1K is the rapper who is the remedy for everything that ails us. He is focused on the future rather than the past. He’s arrived on the big stage, brilliantly authentic and full of skill, and may he stay there for a long time.

From the beginning to the end, Shown 1K establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with. “I feel like it’s extremely essential how you arrive and depart,” he says, “and I’ma always deliver everything we’re about to speak about in this body of work and leave on a high note.”

Stackaveli is a song about transition, but it also highlights the joyful and wonderful times in Shown 1K’s life, with music that will get you up and moving. Shown 1K’s “Dolce Gabanna,” a high-energy tune with a harmonic flow and great bass that would make everyone feel good, is one of the standout tracks. And that’s only the beginning. His entire album is full with high-octane bops. All you have to do is “Know What’s Up.”

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Check out ‘Stackaveli,’ his latest album, and his most recent single “Spaceships Ain’t Real.”


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