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The Mike Crook Interview: The West Coast Producer Making Waves

Doja Cat, Blueface, YG, G-Eazy, TY$, Saweetie.

Behind all of these big names is Mike Crook, a Cali-native who got his start in the music industry by producing for local acts like Joe Moses. Now, he’s earning platinum plaques for Doja Cat’s “Like That” ft. Gucci Mane and Blueface’s “Daddy” ft. Rich the Kid, and he’s on his way to becoming a legendary producer and an icon himself.

His journey on how he got started is an interesting one. Mike said in a recent interview that started off making beats in high school and has been making beats since 2014. While Crook was still in high school, he didn’t have much time and would make beats after football practice in his free time. He claimed that he was so bad at making beats at first that he returned his equipment after a few months.

Despite producing for a plethora of big artists from outside of the Golden State–and even international acts–Mike Crook’s sound is heavily influenced by other legendary Cali producers like Hitboy and Mustard. 

“I always loved [Mustard’s] beats, and what I took from him is simplicity,” Crook said in a recent interview. “Simplicity is key when making radio songs. I’m not sure he’s made one bad song. [A]s for Hit-Boy, I looked up to him for versatility. I remember watching his interview in 2015 where he mentioned something about wanting to just make any artist’s hardest song, from Beyonce to JAY-Z. You can put him in the room with any artist and he will be able to make a beat for them.”

These influences helped Crook craft a sound that is both versatile and “radio friendly” that gives fans what he thinks they want to hear. 

Superstar producer Mike Crook’s work can be described as the sound of the future. The certified platinum producer has most recently laid down the beat for Saweetie’s newest song “Back Seat,” ft. Lourdiz from her project, Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1.

As far as the message that he hopes people take away from his music, Mike Crook wants people to “forget about their problems, dance, and have great memories for themselves.”

Crook has already built up an incredible roster from working with talented artists, but he’s on a journey to reach even bigger heights in the near future. Stay tuned for what he has coming next @MikeCrook_.

Check out his recent productions below.

“Like That” – Doja cat ft. Gucci Mane –

“Daddy” – Blueface ft. Rich The Kid –

“Bleed It” – Blueface –

“Hate The Way” G Eazy ft. Blackbear –

“Blood Walk” – YG ft. Lil Wayne & D3 –

“Baby” – Blueface –

“Nothing Like Your Exes” TY$ –

“Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren” Ovi ft. Myke Towers, Nengo Flow, Aleman  


“24/7” – Bryant Myers –


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