Monday, September 25, 2023
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Wesrok’s new single ‘Try To Hold Me’ featuring Masicka ventures into Country Dancehall

Jamaica’s music scene is rich with diversity and country reggae artist Wesrok proves this with his latest single ‘Try To Hold Me’, which features prominent dancehall artist Masicka. This unexpected collaboration is in many ways characteristic of Wesrok’s own musical brand. This track is a fusion of the sounds within the dancehall and country music space, with the simple message; despite hardships, the human spirit survives. An apt message in a time where many are facing some of the toughest conditions, they’ve ever known due to the global pandemic.

Wesrok is a retired superintendent of police and a holder of multiple degrees, which are mere exhibits of his bravery and drive for success. This bravery is also evident in his creative life, as he continues to push the boundaries of what is considered Jamaican music with his signature country reggae sound. The premise of his musical philosophy is solid; country music has always been an outlet for stories of rural life. Something that is evidenced by the deep connection rural Jamaicans have always had with classic country artists like Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and more. As a fan of country music, like many of us, Wesrok had the bravery to take it even further than fandom and pursue creating a brand of country that could stand as Jamaican.

Wesrok has cultivated his following diligently since entering the music scene, using only good music. With his latest album Look at Me Now, which had songs like “Poor Country Boy”, “Born As A Winner”, “Left Out In The Dark” and more. 

For Wesrok his new single “Try to Hold Me” is meant to uplift,

Through the years I have been through the struggles, now my pain has made me stronger. I want to use my life to inspire people to be strong and push forward, and always to make this world a better place, that is all that matters.”

Now more than ever, the world needs a message of hope and Wesrok is committed to playing his part as someone who is intimately familiar with struggle.

“Try To Hold Me” is a song of inspiration intended to remind us that despite how difficult things may be at times, they get better. Inspiration is one of the usual themes of country and reggae music, however, the soundscape of this new single brings a dancehall element, accompanied by background singers’ harmony in the chorus, and Masicka’s rugged lyrics perfectly complements. This new track is bound to introduce Masicka to some of Wesrok’s country-loving fanbase, and vice versa, which in turn, helps to expand the Jamaican music space. 

Listen to the song here!


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