Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Jaz Unveils “Find Your Love”

With the release of his new single “Find Your Love,” passionate multifaceted R&B artist, singer-songwriter, pianist, dancer, and actor Jaz (Jelin Hinton) is back! To no surprise, he continues to push full-throttle towards his goals of reigning supremacy in the R&B scene. His latest offering comes to fans as Tremxn-produced present wrapped up in a bow courtesy of his label Squad Studio Entertainment/Musicbox Recording Group. The fresh new release is dropped off just in time for the holidays! With his elite trifecta of a team on this release, their coming into the new year taking the lead! 

At the young age of 19, Jaz is wise and his persistence is the key to his fast-rising stride to stardom. Which appears to have no end in sight and we are all here for it! Singing in a gospel group as a child helped Jaz discover his vocal power. Resulting to the recent embankment in his music career.

Attending Hamden High School and ECA School of Arts enabled him to find other like-minded artists for inspiration. Enabling him to collaborate with creators such as Musicbox and Bowtie King Productions. In fact, Jaz’s previous releases, such as “Runaway Babe” and “You Can Keep It”, are available for streaming on all major streaming platforms.

“Find Your Love”

Jaz’s newest single is aimed at anyone who has experienced the feeling of vulnerability in a relationship. As a result, the record’s goal is to address serious relationship issues that people face on a daily basis. His most recent releases is served up for anyone who just wants to get back on the same page with their significant other. While also enjoying the fruits of their love and relationship in the process. 

Following this record, there’s no denying Jaz’s impact on the industry and his musical talents. He continues to establish himself as a voice to watch in the R&B scene. Stay tuned here for more music and news on the raving R&B sensation. For now, press play on the visual for “Find Your Love”. Lastly, let us know what you think! 

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