Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Impeccable Mueller Shares New Record featuring Lil Rekk, “Internet”

Impeccable Mueller is back with a banger featuring Highbridge the label’s latest artist Lil Rekk. Impeccable Mueller hails from Harrisburg, PA, he grew up in the hood but didn’t have too much of a hard time. Mueller grew up with his mom and grandparents in a Christian home built on morals and hard work. His mom wanted better for him, and he was in private school most of his life and switched to a nicer school district for high school. He was an athlete, district champion, and state runner-up during his high school career. 

Mueller has been into music since the age of 4 but did not take it seriously until his senior year of high school. Mueller spent his childhood creating cassette tapes as ‘Lil Star’ from the ages of 6 to 8. He grew up listening to smooth jazz with his grandfather, R&B with his mother and got deep into hip hop with his father. As he got older, he went into the artistry of rap

Mueller describes his sound as King Crooner, a big vibe. Mueller’s sound is immersive and diverse. He loves the trap beats, melodic beats, and ambient beats with heavy 808s. His sound is something for you to listen to and experience, it’s different yet familiar. He is unapologetically himself and only aims to be successful in his music. Mueller is unique because he utilizes flow and wordplay with his beat selection, which singles him out from other artists in his genre. Visually he looks just as unique as he sounds, like a rockstar. He is grateful to his engineer/producer Almighty who matches Mueller’s unique sound and helps him produce great quality music.

For, “Internet” Impeccable Mueller gives credit to Almighty for helping to execute the track and collaboration.

 “The words just came to me with the beat on this one. The internet is big these days like damn near bigger than life. It’s nothing but a tool we should be using to get where we need to be, but people use it to live another life and hope what they post & say give them some respect or validation but it’s all just fake.” That was a heavy inspiration as you can hear in the hook and verse!

 Impeccable Mueller wants his fans to hear this song and ask themselves, “Am I living for the internet?” He believes people should feel free to be who they are in real life while still striving to be where they want to go. He wants his audience to be thankful to be alive and have pride in what they have been through. 

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Be sure to check out, “Internet” featuring Lil Rekk out now on all platforms.

Impeccable Mueller is performing live in Harrisburg click here for more information!


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