Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Listen To MarriDon’s “Boom Fiesta”

MarriDon isn’t just another NYC rap artist, he’s a soulful melodic rap artist who expresses his thoughts and emotions on the majority of his tracks. Having roots from the great island of Jamaica, he provides a catchy and melodic rhythm flow for his new single “Boom Fiesta.” MarriDon taps into his cultural roots from Jamaica, and flaunts his expertise with artistry and his craft in what he might consider his major big “Boom” banger. ‘Boom Fiesta’ has an unmatched vibe right now, with everybody getting ready for an icy winter; MarriDon’s single is lighting these streets on fire right now. Produced by Born Beast, G’sean Coley, this melodic song has a catchy aspect to it as well, one of those songs you just have to throw back on once it ends especially being under two minutes. MarriDon has a lot more in stored for his new fans but for now, He hopes this single resonates to the ears as it has in the clubs. 

While developing his place in the industry, MarriDon has expanded beyond just being a typical rapper, ‘Boom Fiesta’ has layers of vocals that are as authentic as can be. Having been played more than 500k times on soundcloud. M.A.E. Multi Artistry Ent is proud to announce that MarriDon is truly a gem who pushes through his music by expressing his challenges and shedding light on what makes him happy. 

MarriDon is not the one to orchestrate his music through writing his lyrics but by shaping his art in his music through the many truthful experiences that turn into catchy melodies. MarriDon showcases his art and lyrical craft while developing lyrics that come directly from the life he lives. 

Enjoy his latest hit, ‘Boom Fiesta.’ If this song doesn’t make you dance, I’m not sure what will.

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