Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Lil Bape Recently Released His Latest EP, “Zipped Up In My Tears”

North Philadelphia artist Lil Bape has recently released his latest EP, “Zipped Up In My Tears”, and is hard at work promoting his project. Being only 17, Lil Bape has already begun taking the music world by storm and is best known for his breakthrough record, “Never Thought” which locked in over 100k views on Youtube. Lil Bape prides himself on writing his own music and even has a personal engineer, VVS Melody, who produces for him. Describing himself as a well-rounded artist, Lil Bape also has other talents such as singing, acting, and even poetry and art. Having recorded his first record at the age of 15, Lil Bape has since racked up credentials to help him gain more exposure and reach larger audiences. From being shouted out on the radio for the first time by DJ Diamond Kutz to releasing EPs, Lil Bape has also collaborated with other artists such as Seddy Hendrix, Lil Kee, Yxng Ka, and Aaron Ried.

“A major accomplishment I’ve done so far is the song I did with Yxng Ka. That track hit over 300k on audiomack platforms.”

The young rap star has also been featured in social blogs such as Kollege Kidd, Elevator Mag, and SayCheeseTv. As for the future, Lil Bape has another project in the works and plans on signing to a major label soon.

Lil Bape’s latest EP, “Zipped Up In My Tears”, as well as his previous projects are all available across all streaming platforms.

Check out Lil Bape on youtube and keep up with him on social media.

IG: @LilBape2418

YouTube Channel: Lil Bape  

TikTok: LilBape2418

Twitter : @Lilbape2418


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