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Mugzy McFly is a New York fashion designer and multitalented creative from The Bronx. Also known as the “The Mayor of Uptown,” Mugzy Mcfly is a unique and innovative staple to the culture. His childhood dream of becoming a mogul and building an empire is now his reality. In 2013, he started the streetwear label,  Signed By McFly, which was launched from the ground up. He managed all sides of the business himself, from finances, production, event planning, to graphic and fashion design. Earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting from St. Johns University helped him to learn the ins and outs of being a successful entrepreneur. He now opens up his Flagship Store in his hometown, Uptown, Bronx. The location made perfect sense right in the heart of Wakefield. Mugzy is no stranger to this area because this is where he was raised. Heavily influenced by the culture and his passion to help the community in positive ways, Mugzy has become legendary. 


Designing clothes was simply an extension for Mugzy. The Signed by Mcfly brand represents the manifestation of his dreams. By combining his passion for basketball and fashion, the “More Dreams, Less Sleep” motto was birthed by his determination to excel. 

“I used to be the smallest player on my basketball team, and the kids used to call me Mugzy based on basketball legend Muggsy Bogues. The “McFly” portion, an acronym for the phrase “Many can’t fly like you”, was inspired by my love for the film “Back to the Future” and the overarching themes the movie embraced; the concept of being timeless, love for your community and family, and of course, the amazing fashion of that period. I’ve pulled inspiration from all of these components to form my brand. As a teenager growing up in the Bronx, New York, I had a deep appreciation for fashion. I started experimenting with creative design and hand-making apparel to match my favorite sneakers. I came up hard and wanted to look good. I couldn’t afford my own taste level so I created it. I remember owning three pairs of pants and rotating them strategically to hide my limited wardrobe. Now, through my brand, I offer a unique style at a price point you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’m just a product of my environment. I used to sit at home, couldn’t go outside, and I’d watch cartoons all day. Where I’m from, they like to rap and play basketball so it’s all just a jambalaya of my style. I didn’t have access to any mentors to help show me the way. I feel like there are times where “buy from black business” is viewed as an act of charity instead of recognizing the quality and art of our work. I rather you buy it because you like it! Sometimes people just feel like they’re doing you a favor buying from you instead, so that’s a challenge – not being taken seriously out of the gate, you have to really prove yourself. When I was starting out, I didn’t have a model for success to look up to, especially in the fashion industry. Today we’re seeing more diverse brands and Founders from different backgrounds but growing up I never really saw industry success stories from my hometown, the Bronx.”


MCFLY – “Many Can’t Fly Like You”

Available nationally, the range includes authentic athleisure wear, color-blocked moto pants, sneakers, bodysuits, face masks, and jackets to keep wearers cozy and fly all season long. Signed By McFly, has caught the eye of many professional athletes, musicians, and celebrities worldwide. As a respected artist and creative, Mugzy adopted the nickname Mugzy McFly, combining both his passion for basketball and the cult-classic movie “Back to the Future”. Since the brand’s inception, Mugzy has expanded the collection to include innovative and inspired mens’ and womens’ designs that are deeply grounded in his original vision. 


Studio – “a room where an artist, photographer, creatives, sculptor, etc. works”

McFly is expanding his brand to music, sports, modeling, and more to make McFly studios a hub for all things creative. 


4419 White Plains Rd

Bronx, NY 10970



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