Monday, June 5, 2023
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HomeWith Over 1 Million+ Streams & Featured on Revolt TV, Kir Releases...

With Over 1 Million+ Streams & Featured on Revolt TV, Kir Releases Brand New “No Sweat”

Audio: Kir – No Sweat

In his new release “No Sweat,” produced by Dimsho BeatsKir paints a picture for listeners. An isolated tropical island, drinks, designer cars, and clothes; it’s a picture of expensive taste and luxury living. “No Sweat” is a song you blast in the car on the way to the club, one that encourages you to let loose and blow money you don’t have. It’s not Kir’s usual genre, but being the natural he is, he kills it anyway. The soulful dark melody is reminiscent of The Weeknd, but his flow is upbeat and catchy, making it the perfect party anthem. Kir knows how to deliver a vibe like no other, and “No Sweat” is lyrical proof.

Listen here!

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