Monday, June 5, 2023
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New Video: DCMBR – “Teasy”

DCMBR releases the newest visual to accompany the new single produced by The Breed, titled “Teasy” directed by @LAmadeitworldwide. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California DCMBR has been writing songs and perfecting his craft since a teen. His dad and grandfather were both musicians and singers. Growing up in those surroundings he quickly gravitated to music. Heavily inspired by his family, upbringing, and his goals this multi-talented uses music as a tool to express himself and relate to his supporters. 


In the opening clip, DCMBR and his crew kick it at a restaurant before they start to turn up. He attempts to give the waitress his number as he began to sing:

“Is it like that? Is it like that?/ Take a deep dive, make a big splash/ 

On a bright day/ hella spicy and I see your time and it’s hella pricey”

As she starts to blush and laugh you can see why she is teasy. The fun and catchy lyrics mixed in with a dope vibe are the ultimate fit for a fall jam. His unique sound is heard throughout the track and it insistently grabs your ear. DCMBR is known to do what feels best for him. This is one way he remains true to himself and keeps his music authentic. He makes music so people can feel free and good when listening to it. 

“I want my listeners to feel as great and passionate about the song as I did once I first heard it. I want them to feel as if they made the song themselves and they’re hearing it for the first time. I want them to feel as lively as I felt and looked in the video to accompany it. My smile was big as hell on almost every scene!  So I hope they can share that joy and excitement with me. The first time I recorded this song, I just knew it was something special. Something different for me and honestly has the potential to be the biggest song I’ve ever done. It has all the right components to be a classic and I’m set out to do what it takes to make that so. I deserve it. I got chills, I was so hyped. Like I said it was me and my boy in the lab and we were both dancing it was a great time. Those times we as artists live for because if it makes us do it, it’s only gon translates to the listeners.”

Watch “Teasy” here!


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