Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Rapper AQ Drops His Most Impressive EP To-Date ‘Hollywood Hurts’

LA rapper AQ is switching up the Hip Hop game following in the footsteps of artists like Drake, Future, Chris brown, Meek Mill, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar. The complete package from head to toe, AQ’s lyrical flow is dynamite and his music is truly lit. With three albums already in his back pocket, his sound is undeniably West Coast, super smooth and classy beyond belief.

2021 has seen AQ release a swag of tracks to critical acclaim, but it is his October release ‘Hollywood Hurts’ that’s blowing up the speakers like no other. With laidback beats and exploring the themes of rejection and crushed egos experienced at the doors of the most exclusive clubs in Hollywood, AQ is dropping some truths that everyone has experienced.

Now moving towards that dream of ‘A’ list credibility, AQ is bringing all his skills to the microphone and delivering music that is taking the club scene by storm. Determined to give his people the music that gets them up on their feet and living his groove, AQ is LA through and through. The rhymes he creates, the places he references and the style he represents are all a product of the city he loves.

A multi-talented entrepreneur, AQ also recently launched his own clothing brand called ‘Wishful Thinking’, reflecting the swagger of his business in a clash of sound and culture. As his fan base grows and the streams and downloads break new ground, AQ is destined to be a rapper that will soon become a household name. Join him on his ride to the phat beats of the future and live his unfolding dream.

Check out his latest project ‘Hollywood Hurts’ below.


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