Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Noah Ashton Returns With His “No Way” Release

Please allow me to introduce to you Hoboken’s hidden gem, Noah Ashton. Courtesy of RMS ENTERTAINMENT, the signee drops off his latest single titled, “No Way”. 

Noah Ashton’s new LEOR-produced single creates a compelling atmosphere that is packed with seductive melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. This record is sure to enthrall the ears and hype the headphones of hip hop fans all over. Although it’s relaxing, it’s compiled with so much authenticity. In addition it makes for an emotional yet majestic listen. 

Next, the track serves as a reality check that will grab listeners and draw them into Noah’s life in a way that is both engaging and relatable. Enabling his listeners to live in the moment and appreciate the honesty within his music. Additionally, this rising rhymer hopes to utilize his music to be a voice for his generation. Pioneering for the youth as a fearless lyricist who isn’t afraid to defy tradition and push the limits of possibility. 

His music is motivated by the desire to reshape a generation and fascinate listeners all across the world. Born into a musical family, he chose music as an outlet and means of self expression growing up. Fast forward to today and he’s paving the way for a successful solo music career. He’s on a fast-track to establishing a household name for himself. Also becoming a key figure in indie hip-hop circles.

Lastly, Noah Ashton’s most recent release is more than just a catchy hit. In fact, he’s bringing an explosive banger that will resonate in people’s minds for generations to come. Don’t believe me? Press play on his latest offering and let us know what you think here at Hip Hop Dose


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