Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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‘Thank you, for being you: Deluxe Album’ Is Here Courtesy Of The I of a Genius

The i of a Genius, is a rising rhymer whose name is perfectly fitting for his out-of-the-box artistry. Jersey’s very own is here with the release of his debut album titled, Thank you, for being you: Deluxe Album. His new project comes as a self-love letter penned to himself and fans.

Consisting of 12-tracks, this piece of art reflect Genius’ self-awareness and growth. Genius not only shows off his unique musical sound while delivering impressive wordplay, but he also reveals his personality. In fact, the album’s tone is a mix of poetry and genuine hip-hop/rap. There’s a wide set of influences buried deep within each of the instrumentals he goes in over. But there’s more to it than that. In his delivery, as well as in his raspy, chilled lyricism, he stems back to his hardcore days.

Thank you, for being you…

As a result, the New Jersey rhymer aims to use this effort to promote the significance of self-love. From start to finish, his thought-provoking rhymes are layered over a variety of beats. Although the rapping will draw you in, the production will keep you locked. Furthermore, his broad production taste runs from traditional to futuristic, with Jazz undertones and synths blending seamlessly with raw hip-hop elements. The project takes a risky approach while still paying homage to hip-hop traditions.

This is a must-listen project that combines inventiveness, exquisite poetry, and out-of-the-box production and beat selections. Overall, The I of a Genius has delivered a well-crafted piece that will immerse you in the vibe. His appealing nature carried his early releases, pungently direct yet cloaked in intermittent poeticism. With the arrival of Thank you, for Being You: Deluxe Album, he has now left his mark. Press play here for the premiere! Let us know what you think! 

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