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OGPD’s Latest Mixtape “MPR” Out Now!

Vibe curator and up-and-coming artist OGPD found his roots and love for music growing up in the Bronx, New York. Raised by his father, one of the biggest DJs of the early to mid-90s in uptown New York, and influenced by the sounds of his hometown and his Southern and Caribbean roots, it was no surprise that a young OGPD would fall into the craft, paying special attention to the creative and production processes. With his latest mixtape “MPR” out now on all streaming platforms, he’s back to demonstrating his unique and talented ear for music that not only makes his listeners dance and feel good, but inspires them to “go out and get it”— just as he did, as a self-made artist and aspiring entrepreneur. This mixtape is a sequel to his EP “1050” dropped earlier this year, and will expand on the young hustler’s personal goals, visions, and values. Check out our conversation with the fast-rising artist, and get a sneak peek into what you’ll be hearing on his latest release. 

Where does your musical inspiration derive from? What age and year were you really moved to be involved?

My dad. He was one of the biggest DJs uptown in the early to mid 90s. I would say at a young age, I’ve always been in tune with music and sounds. I also always took a liking to how music was made, and the instrumentation. 

Describe your image. 

A fly Caribbean New Yorker from the Bronx with down South ties. 

What sets yourself apart?

I’m self made. Money, power, and respect are what you need in life. 

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been soaking up the game for a couple years. I’ve really been behind-the-scenes, but now I’m doing my thing in front of the camera. [Some of my favorite memories from being in the industry are] learning the game from real businessmen.

Who have you worked with & who would you like to work with next?

I’ve currently been working solely with my “1050” team. I’d like to try to keep it in house, but you never know who I’ll collaborate with in the future.

Why is giving back to the community important when you have reached a point in your career where you are able to give back?

Without the the community, there is no me. We are products of our environment, and if we can help to clean or rebuild our communities… we need to, for the future. 

Do you have any other desires or goals you would like to achieve?

I’m trying to have my hands in everything: movies, real estate, and apparel. 

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music?

Anything is possible. Stay true to yourself and don’t change for nobody. 

Stream OGPD’s latest mixtape “MPR” OUT NOW on all streaming platforms! Listen to his album here, and watch his latest video for his single “24:7” off the album below! Look out for all his future work and projects by following him on Instagram, @_OGPD_. 


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