Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Blezzito Brigante Links Coolie For New Track, “Blue Cheese”

Blezzito Brigante is an emerging Rap/Hip-Hop musician. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Blezzito Brigante grew up in Flatbush. His initial love was basketball before Hip-Hop, which is one of the key reasons he tackles the rap game with such a competitive mindset. He is known for his abilities, never-ending drive, and passion to be the best. Despite overcoming numerous challenges, he has been able to preserve his work ethic, credibility, and genuineness while striving for success.

Blezzito Brigante easily leaps into this trap drill rhythm and melodically flows with the beat as he recites his words in his latest release “Blue Cheese” featuring Coolie. Blezzito expresses his gratitude to everyone for whatever he has because he grew up with nothing. Because he enjoys his life, he will look after his lady and his friends. He and Coolie are on their way to grab their “Blue Cheese.”

Blezzito Brigante has chosen to channel his life, music, and business ambitions into building an authentic brand that will be at the vanguard of hip hops into a global lifestyle. Now with compelling new graphics and an impending project on his company’s imprint YOUNG GOD SOCIETY, he’s ready to take the world by storm.

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