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Get A Dose Of Capella Grey’s “Gyalis”

Proud Bronx native, Capella Grey is making his hometown proud with his hot new single titled, “Gyalis”. Capella flips Juevenille’s “Back That Azz Up” with a Caribbean vibe. His hot new self-produced record fuses together New York swag with that Island bounce. In celebration of the positive feedback from the record, he now shares the highly anticipated visual.

Although originally released at the start of the year, the single quickly made its rounds. Capella Grey’s ability to combine multiple genres of music on one track while simultaneously producing the entire record displays his versatility as a multi-talented creative artist. The record rapidly gained traction in New York City, garnering official co-signs from music industry heavyweights like Elliott Willson and Ebro, as well as a remix from A Boogie.

Welcome To Gyalis 

The song is presently ranked at No. 71 on the Billboard Hot 100. Which is huge for this breakout artist! After taking over mainstream radio, the trendy track took over social media such as Tik Tok. With the return of summer fun, the battle for Song of the Summer is underway, and Capella Grey seems to have the top spot on lock. As he put forth this banger as a strong contender.

Using a sample of Juvenile’s,”Back That Azz Up” Capella effortlessly shook the city with this one! Many are calling it the “Song Of The Summer.” “Gyalis,” layers Grey’s West Indian sing-song melodic sound over a slowed beat of “Back That Azz Up”. Undoubtedly making this single a party riff. Although most wouldn’t expect Grey’s Jamaican ancestry and Juvenile’s New Orleans anthem to blend so beautifully, it does. 

Last year, during lock down Capella used the down time to curate and really delve into his music career. In doing so, he dropped off two projects titled, ‘Yea Nah I’m Out’ and ‘QuaranTape Vibe 1’. But since the start of the year, he has been riding the “Gyalis” wave. 

The City Is His Palace 

It seemed only fitting that Capella shot the official music video on the streets of Uptown. In fact, when the single initially began to gain attention, the BX artist filmed a different video. Now that it has reached a new level of success, he has chosen to make the visuals just as big as the record. 

Creating the video treatment himself, it only made sense to rep Uptown the right way, tapping an industry trailblazer for assistance. The Brennan Rowe-directed music video features Capella Grey vibing among a sea of fans including gorgeous women. All of whom eagerly came out to take part in the shoot, which was eventually released on August 26th, 2021. 

Off rip, the clip kicks off with hundreds of supporters screaming the lyrics in unison. It was shot at the 241st Train Station on White Plains Road in the Bronx, New York. Capella made sure to vibe responsibly. The interactive short film includes commentary from the crowd as well. For example, Capella starts off with his verse “I see here – she came with her n**ga / Mmm but she gon’ slide right to my side I know… ” then a crowd member shouts “Ok, what else” before his Segway into “She pulled up with her friends and we skrttt off in the Benz…”

From the booth to the streets of New York to Worldwide… 

As previously mentioned, the song blew up on Tik Tok. So much so that Capella and Brennan featured the viral dances within the visual. Specifically, spotlighting the lite feet community. Constantly showing love and support to his city, Grey makes sure to thank them along the road for helping to make the song a hit.

The music video is on YouTube and currently sits at 2 million views and counting. Staying consistent, there’s plenty more to come from this self-taught musician as he recently signed with Capitol Records. With bangers like this, Grey is destined to continue receiving industry attention and love from the masses. 

The newly-signed Bronx artist is resurrecting party culture with his blistering music video “Gyalis.” As a result, Capella is keeping his foot on the industry’s neck and setting the bar high! If you haven’t already — be sure to press play and take a look at the fiery visual below at Hip Hop Dose

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