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Celebrity Photographer Princeofthegram Knows How to Capture the Moment

Ruben Glimpse, aka Princeofthegram, is recognized for catching individuals in their finest moments. Because of his remarkable and professional work, he’s managed to establish a great reputation as one of Hollywood’s go-to photographers.

He started working as a club promoter at Club Lure in 2018. “At first, I went to the club with my camera to take pictures for fun. As a result of one event leading to another, I began to take my trade seriously.” The next year, he got his first paid employment at the renowned Hollywood club “Playhouse,” followed by “Penthouse,” and became well-known for his work at both.

Every photographer has their own unique style, yet a competent celebrity photographer is able to capture people’s feelings. This is something that professional photographers are well aware of. He had modest expectations when he first started, but the response to his work has beyond his wildest expectations thus far.

Princeofthegram’s interests outside of photography include options trading, working out, and traveling. Some of his life’s influencers include Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jordan. He admires their unrelenting dedication to success, advancement, and self-improvement.

He aims to be Hollywood’s finest nightlife photographer. One of his long-term goals is to create photos for Vogue, Maxim, Playboy, and other high-profile publications. He wants to build himself as a brand and become known as one of the world’s best photographers. His photographs were shown in Times Square, New York, and he believes them to be some of his best work. It was a behind-the-scenes shot from a music video filming. This was the point at which he recognized he was on the right road in his career.

Since he was a child, he knew he wanted to work with celebrities. Princeofthegram has also collaborated with a number of well-known singers, celebrities, and models. He is now working with American singer-songwriter Trey Songz as his personal photographer. Princeofthegram says he has had a great time working with Trey, who treats him like family. He was recently an assistant director for Yung Bleu’s music video “2am in Houston.”

Among his well-known friends and collaborators are Trey Songz, King Los, French Montana, Bleu Vandross, Sincereshow, Jessica Burciaga, Miracle Watts, Thomas Bryant (NBA), John Johnson III (NFL), DJ Carisma, Nick Pattiwack, AD (rapper), D3szn, China Mac, Kris D Lofton, Desmond King (NFL), Gareon Conley (NFL), and others.

He wants to convey to his fans that sacrifice is necessary in order to mature into a better vessel. “Believe in GOD and have faith in Him. If you invest in yourself, everything will work out. Small victories accumulate to big quantities of money.” In the meanwhile, you may follow him on Instagram to see more of his photography, which will soon be featured in well-known magazines.

On Instagram, @Princeofthegram, you can see some of his work.


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