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Chicago, Illinois rapper Tru Hunnit releases trailer for highly-anticipated video game “Tru Or Die: Chiraq”

Chicago Illinois rapper Tru Hunnit recently released the trailer for his highly anticipated video game “Tru Or Die: Chiraq”. The multi-talented entertainer is the owner of A Tru Or Die Inc. The entertainment company has had a great deal of success in the music industry. CEO Tru Hunnit decided to step into another lane of entertainment. In partnership with The Shade Game Dev, “ Tru Or Die: Chiraq” was created.

According to the company’s website the game “is a Third Person Video Game based in the southside of Chicago aka Chiraq. The year is 2012, You play as Tru Hunnit, a rising college basketball star raised in the Wild 100s. “

Pre orders are now available for the game which will be released for PC December 2021 And, Xbox & PlayStation  early 2022. While gamers are raving about the realistic graphics in the game, “Tru Or Die: Chiraq” also offers an excellent platform to businesses looking for branding and product placement. “The Open World City of Chiraq will have a limited selection of Billboards/ Clothing Stores / Posters / Story Characters. If you ever wanted to see yourself/ Your company/ brand in a video game. Now is your chance.” The company’s website states. 

Artist also have the opportunity to submit there music to the video games soundtrack.  

According to the company. “Music will be found during missions, While in cars. And some spots around the city will also have the radio playing.”

For more information visit website “Tru Or Die: Chiraq”today !


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