Sunday, October 1, 2023
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7 Alkaline Tells His Story on New Project ‘Relationship Status’

7 Alkaline just debuted his first album, Relationship Status, the newly single rapper showcases his natural talent as a rapper in his project, Relationship Status, available to stream everywhere now. 

7 Alkaline is a young artist out of Jersey City making some serious noise, especially after his debut project, ‘Relationship Status,’ in which 7 Alkaline focuses his heartbreak into a cohesive 11 track project detailing his dismay, anger, and distress as his relationships comes to a screeching halt. 

The album opens with “Bad Guy,” a plea for people to know the truth and how he’s not a bad guy, as there are two sides to a story, and this is the start of 7 Alkaline telling his side. As the album progresses from track to skit, a voice mail detailing his worth, 7 Alkaline gets reflective as he thinks back on his relationship, and he can’t tell what was true as he pondered that “She Never Cared.” 

The project is filled with sensitive moments, as 7 Alkaline discusses the challenges they encountered, including her infidelity, which led to their breakup. 7 Alkaline’s “Unprotected Heart” and “Her Secrets” are excellent examples of poetry and narrative. Alkaline becomes vulnerable, showing their relationship’s repercussions and tipping point. Alkaline warns of the dangers of heartache by refusing to “sing pretends” and laying all out on the table. “Unprotected hearts,” a song by 7 Alkaline, tells the story of what transpired and how he felt about the betrayal.

“It’s super emotional, and the lyrics are just plain raw. I don’t think I could have told it any better than I did, and it’s exactly what happened word for word.” 

Vulnerability seeps throughout the entire album as 7 Alkaline keeps it real, dropping gems on love and heartbreak. As he gives his listeners a window into his mind amid the fallout of his failed relationship, from the confusion to the anger, 7 Alkaline forms an impressive debut project as he lays the groundwork for what is to come.

7 Alkaline is ready to make way for another project, as he is “working on another project […] as soon as possible.” So be sure to follow him via social media @7alkaline__ on Instagram and @7alkaline_ on Twitter. 

In the meantime, check out 7 Alkaline’s latest release, Relationship Status, below! 


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