Saturday, March 25, 2023
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King Releases “Farewell” In Celebration of Album

King’s current album, In King We Trust, includes his new track, “Farewell”. This record was written to celebrate and remember the life of his best friend, gun violence, as well as reflect on his journey.

Throughout the single, he raps about the experiences that have led him to the man and artist we see today. From personal problems with his parents to his life in the streets, he has had to hustle and grind his way through it all. Ruler pays homage to those who have supported him throughout his life and musical journey. 

King creates this nostalgic track, ‘Farewell’ to mourn his best friend and reminisce on his journey while making a hit! This record is innovative and sophisticated. It showcases King as a grown man rapping within his boss vibe. It’s great to listen to when you know you’ve been through a lot and had to boss up.

Give King and his new single “Farewell” a spin! Let us know what you think!


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