Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Mississippi Rapper Double Gee Is Making Noise With New Single “LLV”

The Tchula, MS native emerges as one of Hip Hop’s hottest new sensations. Double Gee has been rapping his entire life and he’s inspired by the likes of Rick Ross and Gucci Mane. 

Double Gee recently dropped a project titled “Street Poetry 1” featuring the lead single, “LLV Song.”Double Gee showcased his in-depth storytelling skills as well as his rapping and singing talents on various slow and upbeat melodies. es.

His mesmerizing genius draws in the most dedicated material that meets the ears. Before rapping, Double Gee played sports and was always a determined individual whose biggest skill set was connecting with strangers.  

Double Gee is a huge family man. “Everything I do is for my family,” he said. What separates Double Gee is his willingness to stand out and be himself. 

Listen to his song “LLV” below:


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