Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Baby Zév Has New Music On The Way

Independent artist Baby Zév has big goals that he hopes to achieve in the music industry. His inspiration for music started with basic instrumentation on drums and piano. From then, he took his music career to the next level and hasn’t looked back ever since. He as new music coming soon and you can get to know him below!

Why is giving back to the community important when you have reached a point in your career where you are able to give back?

You’re always able to give back. I think the most necessary form of giving back is knowledge and I don’t think that you need success for that. The goal for me is to spread knowledge across my community. Knowledge is the foundation for growth. Growth is what we need to prevail inside and outside of our community. I feel like that’s our biggest threat these days. Thats why it’s important to me. 

When you are not in the studio?

My life literally consist of working, studio, roller skating eating good and riding dirt bikes. 

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music?

Stay true to you and really work on getting in tune with yourself before you get into it. Because its really easy for your peace to get disturbed or lose yourself throughout this process. 

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

“If you want it. Work for it. Its that simple.”

Instagram: itsbabyze

YouTube: Baby Zé


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