Monday, September 25, 2023
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Meet Chicago Artist Speedyville Nardy

“You gone die soon, real soon, so go kuku!” is the motto that Speedyville Nardy advises his following, and fans know that he practices this to the fullest. As a budding entrepreneur and artist focused on both building himself and giving back to the community, there are no limits when it comes to the Chicago artist’s pursuits, and he continues to stay humble on his way to the top. 

While the artist just recently began chasing a career in music, his work is fast-growing, already having collaborated with the likes of his cousin Petey Blanko, Atlanta’s 24LeftEye, Oakland legend Too $hort, and Hollorounitback. “He’s going to be the next Zaytoven from Atlanta, honestly,” he says. “Remember I said it!” Also an active member of his community working with the city’s homeless communities, Speedyville Nardy doesn’t expect rewards when it comes to being genuine and giving back. “Helping, being an inspiration, leading by example, good character, determination, self-preservation, being supportive… things of this nature, I manifest daily, money or no money,” he states. “Giving back is not anything to glorify or do because of some financial gains or Noble Peace Prize— just for honoring [someone] being a genuine individual.” 

When Speedyville Nardy isn’t working or in the studio, he’s enjoying life outside of social media, television, and technology. “I like enjoying the real world,” he says. “I’m really in the world everyday— outside!” Appreciating everything in front of him and doing whatever his soul, body, heart, and mind choose—including music—are all a part of what he wants to teach others by example. “You gone die soon, real soon,” he advises his following. “Don’t worry or stress about nothing. Experience it all! [And] cherish the people in your life.” 

You can stream Speedyville Nardy’s music on all platforms. Keep up with him and his work by following his Instagram @Speedyville728, Twitter @Nardyville, and Youtube! 


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