Monday, September 25, 2023
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HomeMust Watch: Gino Haze Drops Gems On Visual For "Armenian Plug"

Must Watch: Gino Haze Drops Gems On Visual For “Armenian Plug”

Gino Haze is a West Coast rapper and performer with a gritty yet soulful style that will undoubtedly astound you. When Gino jumps on a track, he has a persistence and talent for performing with precise lyricism and cadence.

Gino Haze and his girlfriend kick it at their pad, playing video games and relaxing in the new video for “Armenian Plug.” The music opens with a shot fired and a deep and strong bass that prompts Gino Haze to begin rapping, dropping bar after bar, as he receives a call from his plug to execute a run for him. Despite the fact that the song lacks a chorus, it has the ability, lyrics, and rhythm to be a fascinating single.

Gino is shown running away from his plug in the next scene — who is away for the weekend, forcing Gino to take a ride and pick up a box for his link. Gino then proceeds to the liquor shop, where he grabs a bottle and takes a gulp inside. As the vision draws to a close, he chills with the proprietor behind the counter.

Simply put, the track is dope in and of itself. Gino keeps throwing bars and jewels throughout the entire minute, and the 22-second song is packed of passion, persistence, and cash. With his new video for “Armenian Plug,” Gino displays his lyrical prowess even more.

For any new music or updates, follow Gino Haze on social media at @GinoHaze on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

Below is Gino’s new video for “Armenian Plug.”


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