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Lvcky Is Here To Stay, With New Visuals On The Way

Born and raised in LA’s Crenshaw district, hip hop and R&B artist Lvcky is ready to make music that strikes and impacts his listeners, work that will touch and transcend any one specific audience. To Lvcky, that goal is a palpable one. “I want to impact the whole world,” he asserts. “And I know it’s possible.” 

For the 21-year-old independent artist, that mission began on the piano keys. At just 11 years old, Lvcky began learning notes and scales, and at 16, he was songwriting. Yet while Lvcky got his musical start at an early age, it wasn’t until he was 18 when he started taking his craft seriously. “I never knew I would take it seriously because of how short the chances of making it in the industry are,” he recalls. “I just kept pushing forward and maintaining.” 

Fittingly, Lvcky named himself after Ace, the protagonist in the film “Paid In Full” who, in the story, went by “Lucky” growing up. Lvcky is all about hustling. “[Ace, or “Lucky”] reminded me of how I hustle,” he says. “Always stay down until you come up. You never know when it could be your turn.” Once Lvcky decided to take the leap and follow his dreams in music, he recorded his first song, “No Regrets”, in his first-ever studio session at home in Crenshaw. That was in 2016. Now, the 21-year-old has a bout of projects and singles under his belt, with more work to come. Music was clearly the path to take. “I chose music because it’s a way I can express myself,” he notes. “Sometimes it’s hard for people to let out what they’re thinking or going through. It’s easy for me to do that when I’m in the booth.” 

While the artist wants his music to make an impact on others, he recognizes how much his own life has had an impact on his work. This includes his experiences with grief and loss in particular. “Losing my grandma, grandpa, and my 2 uncles had an impact on my music. I stopped making music for some months just to get back to me,” he says. “It was hard because the deaths were back to back. I’m still slowly recovering from that.” It’s his motivators that keep him pushing. “My motivation is my mom, dad, and my grandma,” he states. “My mom always kept me straight where and whenever. Same as my dad– never a day I never had anything that I needed or wanted. I seen them work and make a way when there wasn’t.” Indeed, sustenance and perseverance embody the essence of Lvcky’s life and career so far. “My grandma recently passed away and ever since, I’ve been looking for hope through my music,” he reflects. “Recently, I just got it back. I’m always going to be thinking about her.” 

Today, Lvcky is getting back into it, currently working on creating visuals for songs that he has stowed away. While he draws comparisons between himself and other artists, it’s his effortless flow, sound, and beat selection that set him apart from the rest. A self-described melodic rapper, Lvcky finds inspiration in rappers like J.Cole, Meek Mill, and Drake. “I look up to those 3 because they all have different styles of rapping,” he says. “Knowing I can do all 3 is what separates me from the rest.” With visuals and new music on the way, it’s only up from here for this young artist on the rise. “My goals for my music career are to push forward and always keep an image that fits me,” he says. “Never change for anyone and always do solid things.” 

You can stream Lvcky’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud, notably his 3 projects “Before It’s Too Late” (2021), “Heavy Heart” (2020), and “The Pack” ft. Jaayy (2020). Look out for his upcoming project and visuals by following him on his Instagram @Lvvckky, Youtube @Lvcky, Twitter @Lvcky, TikTok @lvvckky, and Snapchat @lucky.j1. Stay tuned and updated for everything to come– you won’t want to miss any of it!


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