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Artist Lessons: Putting Yourself Out There

So… how did you get into the industry you are in?

“I got into it mainly by just putting myself out there, interacting with the city and attending many performances in the beginning. From there word and support spread.”

This was one of artist Dyna Edyne’s answers during our recent interview, and it’s also the inspiration for this article’s title. The reason we were so impressed by this answer is that, although it’s such a simple one, it’s so inherently heartfelt and honest. So many people wonder how do you succeed, or even, how do you break through an over-saturated, difficult market? By putting yourself out there.

This type of honesty and truth is, perhaps, the most accurate way of getting to know Dyna Edyne. Not to mention the best representation of who she is as an artist. Here is this beautiful, intelligent, creative woman, whose songs you just love to learn by heart. Here is a carefully distilled blend of R&B, hip hop and soul, and what might, to some, appear like a difficult mix, comes effortlessly for Dyna Edyne.

“I don’t really have regrets looking back because I know it helped me get to this point, but if I had to choose, I would say not starting sooner.”

A deeply determined young woman, Dyna Edyne is putting out one track after another, at a rapid-fire rate. What makes her appeal so much and to such a wide audience, however, isn’t the speed, but the quality. Each song is imbued with a clear and marked love for what she does. These are tunes coming from the heart, all stemming from deeply personal experiences. In other words, she makes you feel like you’re there with her. She puts herself out there. Both emotionally and professionally. Having someone hear your most private, deepest thoughts can be, in its own right, a daunting experience. But try to imagine having a whole planet hear them.

That’s what Dyna Edyne does, time and time again, which is what probably got her on repeat on several radio stations and opening for acts such as Wale or Teedra Moses. And that’s what she does in her latest release, as well. 

Her brand-new song, “I Don’t Work For You”, seems to get more personal than ever. It reads like a parting letter to an ex, whom she’s no longer good for, they’re no longer working together. Again, another deeply personal story that most people wouldn’t be comfortable sharing. Yet Edyne is, unabashedly so. Largely because she enjoys doing it, but also out of an incredible sense of determination.

Because how could you ever claim to be a half decent artist and not be willing to put your heart and soul on the line? And Dyna Edyne, in our humble opinion, is far from a half decent artist. This singer and songwriter pierces your heart with her sincerity, and gives you a tune to hold on to, even in the most emotional of times. She puts herself out there… for you.



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