Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Sean Cole Drops Off New “Ma Drip” Visual

Sean Cole‘s new track “Ma Drip” utilizes twinkling piano keys, hard-hitting 808s, and a melodic flow to emphasize his lavish lifestyle.

The visual showcases Sean Cole living his best life.

“The creation of the music video was lots of fun and different from my other music video,” Sean Cole said in a recent interview. “The music video is based on a movie and I wonder if you can guess it! ‘Ma Drip’ is from my latest project, Timeless. My Timeless album is a unique body of work that showcases my different skills and my versatility and a little part of my story.”

However, Cole is more than just one catchy track. For those not familiar with Cole, we recommend you check out “Dangerous”, “Tap Out”, and “Costly.” “Dangerous” is an Afrobeats infused cut that is practically impossible not to dance to. As explained by the man himself, Cole’s sound is “very melodic with catchy lyrics great for captions and a late-night vibe similar to a Drake” and this track is no different.

“Costly” is the rags to riches track that is a staple of every rappers catalogue. With lyrics like “too busy to chasing my dream to be worried about sleep”and “Imma go get it no matter what it costs me,” the listener hears the struggle that Cole has gone through to get to the point he’s at in his career.

Finally, “Tap Out” is a complete left turn from the melodic flow mentioned before. The track’s DJ scratches, ominous chime sounds, and low 808s are a callback to Atlanta strip club trap pioneered by artists like Cash Out and Travis Porter.

Ultimately, Sean Cole wants to do some pretty big things in his career.

“I would love to have a huge-festival in Liberia, win 8 Grammys, tour all over Africa, make 8 million dollars a year of music…[and] have a song with Kanye West, Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé,” the young talent explained.

As far as the message he wants people to take away from his music, Sean Cole says that his music is for the dreamers.

“My music is for the people who have big dreams, and may not have people that believe in them, the voiceless people who need their voice heard,” he said. “I represent them. I want them to be inspired by my music, Success, love, loyalty, anything. through my music my fans will learn more about my culture and my roots.”

Check out the visual for “Ma Drip” below!


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