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Wanting Something Bad and Learning to Grow – A Talk with Vigalanty

It’s a foolish, yet common mistake to assume that making it as a musician is easy business. Many youngsters getting into the music scene today do so with their eyes already glazed over by money and fame, often overlooking the difficulties inherent in the business. Somehow, making the song is often the easiest part of the road to success, because next, you have to deal with marketing, and rep and finding someone to shine a light on you, and all those other blocks in the road to success. This is why success relies heavily on having the right mentality to grow and to make it further than the rest. 

Rapper Vigalanty says it’s a common issue in his profession, and that a lot of youngsters fail precisely because they let this dream of money and fame steal them away from what’s truly important. Actually, he considers it one of the most common misconceptions in the music business today.

“I guess that everybody’s rich when they’re clearly not. And just people live in this fantasy world not knowing that a lot of people in this industry do go broke and don’t understand money, don’t understand investments or do not understand deals, contracts etcetera.”

Vigalanty started out by writing poetry for the ladies in his life, as a young man looking to impress. In itself, there’s nothing uncommon about that, but in Vigalanty’s case, he soon realized he enjoyed writing verses more than the actual impressing. Soon, he was writing for the pleasure it brought him, and gradually, he became more and more aware of various showcase opportunities in his town. 

With that, he started getting more and more into the whole success dream, but always had a firm grip on his ideas. Early on in his career, he understood that wanting fame and money too much was exactly what stopped most artists before they truly became famous. So instead, he focused on making quality art in any and every genre he could think of, often crossing the lines between music types, to create something new and exciting.

Of course, this didn’t come without his own fair share of disappointment and disillusionment. After all, the best way to grow is to pass through the hurdles yourself, and it’s now with the eyes of a former disillusioned youth that he looks back and reflects on the industry. In fact, while talking to him, it’s easy to see that he considers this attitude one of his biggest mistakes, as a young, up-and-coming artist.

“I guess being so hasty and anxious cuz you just want something so bad but I had to understand that work came with that. And I just wish I had more of an understanding of being patient and thinking a lot of things through instead of jumping right into it.”

Now, though, it’s clear to see Vigalanty has learned that patience he so craved as a youth. His hit single, “Haters Gonna Hate”, which rose to top, is a gem of unexpected wisdom, and a profound lesson to all young artists trying to make it out there.


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