Thursday, December 7, 2023
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New Video: Dyna Edyne “I Don’t Work For You”

If you have been following our journey you will know that we have the upmost respect for Dyna Edyne. She’s been featured on our site in the past, but she is back with a new song and visual entitled “I Don’t Work For You”.

“I represent a new age of soul music and its refreshing to see it resonates with fans and other artists,” commented the passionate artist. “This will set the stage for the rest of my 2021 releases. I think this will be a year to remember.”

“I don’t work for you” gives you an immediate feeling of empowerment and can play on emotions that amplify your self worth, or simply no longer being a victim of labor that no longer fulfills you. The bass and quick wit production may take you on a trance as Dyna’s voice soothes you into the profound message. With less than 2mins of airplay this song is a natural thumper.

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