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Blending Together Music and Social Media – Kaylan Arnold Interview

As an artist in this rapidly changing world, it’s no secret how difficult it can be to promote your music and reach out to a widespread pool of fans. while many think it’s easier to make it in the music world nowadays, thanks to the many new opportunities opening up to musicians today, but that’s simply not the case. It’s perhaps because of this immense opportunity that it’s much harder to make it today than it was fifty years ago.

Artists need resilience, determination and a sharp mind for business, which would permit them to use their available resources as cleverly as possible. That’s what we talked about to Miami-based singer and songwriter Kaylan Arnold. One of the hottest names on the music scene today, Kaylan Arnold is an immensely gifted young woman, with a haunting voice and an infectious rhythm. Her music manages to astound and win you over time and time again. She’s the sort of artist you hit play on once and then keep the songs rolling as long as you possibly can, because you just can’t get enough of her voice and singing style. And we don’t say that lightly, believe us.

Definitely an exciting up-and-coming artist, Kaylan didn’t come to this position easily. Her road was peppered with difficulty, and as we were saying earlier, she learned how to use her available resources the best way possible. By that, of course, we mean social media. Ever fascinating to us is the way artists use the internet and their online presence to build a solid and united fanbase, and if there’s one thing Kaylan excels at, it’s doing just that (we’re just kidding – she’s excels at several!)

“Social media is one of the main components of my brand because I post a lot of videos that go viral enough to reach heights/countries/people that I could not reach without them,” she tells us, when we ask her about the role of social media in her rise to fame. But while it’s a lot about building a following and getting more ears to listen to you, it’s also about building community. Connecting through music, which is something that becomes apparent in every note Kaylan hits.

Here is someone who likes what she’s doing, who enjoys making music, and what’s more, who puts a piece of her soul in every song she belts out. What Kaylan Arnold does is win you over through her music, and in spite of the distance, she somehow invites herself into your home with her music.

What’s truly amazing about this talented woman is that she uses social media and the Internet in such a way that she makes you forget it’s the Internet. Her music feels personal, even if she’s coming at you from halfway across the world, and in that lies her unique power to enchant and win you over. To say that Kaylan Arnold will go far in her career would be an understatement, but we’ll say it anyway.


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