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New Music: The Real Simba – “Bounce”

The Real Simba is a music artist who was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica. He is a music artist with a prolific presence. “I’m different from a lot of upcoming artists and I mean that to the fullest. My goal isn’t money or fame my goal is to be one of music’s greatest”. Simba’s music is thrilling, he captures the ear of his listeners with his high energy and witty flow. Simba began pursuing music as a young child in Jamaica when he was only 7. After moving to the United States he discovered a wide genre of music such as HipHop Rap and R&B. Raised in Mount Vernon, NY, The Real Simba uses a lot of his life experiences to paint a picture in the minds of his listeners.

“Mount Vernon is a wild place to grow up. There’s a lot of distractions. It was music that allowed me to remain true to myself and grow”. Simba’s music does the same for his listeners, “I aim to make music that lasts forever. The Real Simba draws inspiration from artists like Bob Marley, Nas, Jay Z, Usher, Drake, JCole, Lil Wayne, and Nipsey Hussle. Because of his various influences, The Real Simba is able to provide listeners with a variety of music ranging from R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Trap, Blues, Pop, etc. “I write whatever comes to my mind… and in some cases my heart”

Late last year, Mount Vernon’s The Real Simba dropped “Bounce” a fun, high energy single perfectly suited for a viral TikTok dance challenge – and your next socially distanced gathering. 

Since making the switch from pre-law to music, the young artist out of Mount Vernon, NY is known for his fast-paced flows and high-energy singles… and “Bounce” definitely fits the bill. The fun party track features an aggressive, bass-heavy production that grabs your attention from the jump, and is punctuated by Simba’s raw and unapologetic flow. The rapid-fire verses are broken up by a super catchy, instructive chorus telling listeners, TikTokers, and his lovely female music video companion exactly what to do with their hands… and letting them know exactly what they can do if they don’t like it. Fans seem to be getting the message as Simba-inspired dances backed by “Bounce” make their way around Instagram and TikTok.

Check out the video here:


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