Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Jazzi Corleone Is “1 OF 1” Of The Hottest Female Artist On The Rise

A rhyming rose who grew from the concrete streets of the Bronx, New York comes as Jazzi Corleone. This female emcee was born into hip hop music. Coming from a musically inclined family full of musicians and artists, Jazzi was destined to be a great lyricist. 

The Voice Behind Jazzi Corleone

Her impeccable flow is beyond unique and empowering. Known for her rocking chair freestyles with her philosophical lyrics, Coreleone displays her true talent in her purest form. As she sat in a rocking chair in her living room she would freestyle over her favorite samples. Each witty bar was full of lines that motivate you to turn your hustle up. From working on Wall Street to hustling by any means necessary, Jazzi Corleone is not your typical female rapper; she is a tastemaker, a multi-talented creative with a keen ear for soulful and timeless music. Her substantial lyrics show how diverse and authentic she is. 

1 Of 1

Most recently, Jazzi released her debut EP titled, 1 Of 1. After spending time perfecting her craft and sound Jazzi recorded 7 records on this tape. Each song is a different vibe with a different inspirational message. She briefly tells us about her creative process and the inspiration behind it all:

“I don’t really have a creative process. I’m an over-thinker so I usually get my concepts from random conversations and memories. I like my music to be as authentic as possible so a lot of the time it’s just jotted thoughts. I think certain songs bring out different moods. So I picked Trendz and Feels to be the songs with quick tempos and strong keys because that’s an uplifting mood. & then Unhappily Ever After and the Outro uses slow tempos and minor keys. I want them to be amused but relaxed. I want them to feel understood. My dad is still an active musician. He actually went to high school with DJ Kool Herc. Music was always a big thing in my household and it came naturally. My older siblings were growing up while hip hop was still a baby. So my older sister handed down essential rap albums, my dad gave me the classics and my twin brother taught me how to count bars. “

Stream “1 Of 1” here at Digital Buzz Nowand let us know what you think!



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