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Cudi P Shares New Project, “Since ‘96”

Moving from Youngstown, Ohio to Los Angeles, California in 2020, the groundbreaking artist better known as Cudi P has embarked on a musical journey sharing his story. He began writing poetry at the young age of seven years old. Recommendations from his mother and Def Poetry Slams motivated him to start rapping only at 12 years old. This would later initiate the high school collaboration “Freshman Frenzy” which quickly gained traction around the city sparking Cudi’s rap career.

Cudi tells us about the process and inspiration behind this all:

“I started rapping when I was 9 years old with my friends in school and I started taking it seriously and starting writing them down when I was 12 I started to make music with my brothers Beez, and Tyrus.  But it was an escape me a way for me to express myself a way for me to talk to people because before I was shy, never wanted to talk to anybody until I started rapping that’s when people wanted to get to know me. My inspiration honestly was seeing my mother work and support us, I always knew I wanted to be the provider and be able to make sure my mama good, and the people around me good. Ain’t nothing like helping ya people. I decided to name my tape Since ‘96 cause that’s when everything started, I was born in 1996, that’s when it was written, I had some bs going on in the past, I ain’t really gone speak on but it made me realize this shit been in me! Youngstown, Ohio. That’s home, that’s where it all started, Youngstown made me, and you hear it in my music. It can be a love/hate relationship because I lost a lot there and made a lot there.”

With his unique sound and creative flow we now anticipated the release of his newest project, Since 96 – which is scheduled to be released at the end of this month. This project is to motivate and inspire everyone to accomplish their goals and never stop chasing your dreams.  Cudi enjoys making motivational music that we all can relate too.

Make sure to look out for Cudi P in this year, with follow up singles and videos on the way after the release of Since ‘96 . In the meantime, the project is available for Pre-Save here – click this link when the project drops it’ll be added to your Spotify or Apple Music library.


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