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Xay Oblivion Takes “Chances” In New Single

Stepping out the city from the stomping grounds of Brooklyn, New York is none other than Xay Oblivion. Growing up in Fort Greene housing projects, Xay is not a stranger to constant hardship and adversity so he utilizes his music as his greatest escape. 

Xay is back with his most recent release titled, “Chances”. The hot single garnered over 100K streams just in its first week of release. The numbers continue to climb as the visual currently sits with over 205K streams. With all the positive feedback the track is receiving, it has been featured in a number of publications such as: The Source, Thisis50 and Hype Magazine. 

Just like the record, Xay’s artistry and musical style is inspiring and uplifting. During these trying times, we could use more motivating music. “it’s all about chances, come and take a chance!”  The significance of the visual is to encourage you to take a chance on whatever it is. 

For the record, the music video is the perfect visual, depicting his interest in a girl he’s trying to pursue as an interest in love. The visual kicks off with Xay kicking it in the projects before seeing a beautiful woman and trying to grasp her attention. In doing so, while he continues to persuade her on taking a chance on him, he sings:

Tell your ex that you going with the next. I’mma be the best and I put that on a set. G5 jet, take flight, no stress. When it come to flexin tell her say less. Cut the last girl off cause she did me real dirty.”

It is no wonder that this single is soaring to the top of the charts. With catchy lyrics and a chorus so relatable laid over an energetic tempo, this love song is not the usual mellow and air catching type of track. Throughout the music video, Xay is seen surrounded by people who support him and everyone seems to be having a great time. 

Since birth, Xay Oblivion has been groomed and made for musical success after coming from a musically inspired family and background. At the young age of 16, Xay has already unlocked the secret. The key to success is to captivate his peers and to continue cultivating a large and solid following. Building up the momentum, there is much more in store for Xay Oblivion. So stay tuned for more as you haven’t seen anything just yet! Xay Oblivion is up next and will become your new favorite artist of 2021! 

Take a chance on Xay Oblivion’s new single “Chances” and take a look at the official video to let us know what you think here at Hip Hop Dose

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