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Pourya The Manager The Man Behind Hip-Hop’s Most Recent Acts

The Tehran-born Pourya is a long-time power player behind the scenes. He has spent years setting the stage for his entertainment empire and we are here to give you a sneak peak! Pourya has the world of music at his fingertips as the fruits of his labor continue to pay off. 

Pourya – The Cross Over

Born in Tehran, Iran, Pourya Partovizadeh made his ambitions well known from an early age. As a young man growing up in Iran, his dream of moving to Los Angeles and becoming a music industry mogul might have seemed like a fantasy. Fast forward to today, and he accomplished both those things and more. At only fifteen years old he started his first record label, Undermind Music. His eye for talent was immediately evident as he noticed the Persian rapper, Alborz, turning him into a bona fide regional star. 

With a major boost in confidence, his early success motivated him to relocate to the United States. He was determined to make the most of the opportunity by beginning to make a name for himself as soon as he touched the U.S. land. In only four short years after arriving in the United States, he’s leaving such a distinct mark on the industry. Also, he has already produced a number of hit singles, launched his own management company, and established a reputation as one of the most forward thinking minds in the industry. 

The Introduction Of SLATTBOYZ

In 2016, hitting the ground running, during his emerging music career, Pourya began managing Nick Moleta. Along with the young Hip-Hop/R&B artist, P strengthens his roster by adding Persian artist, Arash Saretan as well. As both artists’ careers were on take off, Pourya went on to launch the innovative ‘SLATTBOYZ’ project. This project brought artists together to collaborate on the record without ever having to meet in person. The project garnered instant success and positive feedback. It was the first of many projects that earned him widespread attention and unique critical acclamation. Amongst its notable featured collabs, there was one track that took off. The track was made by Nick Miley’s and SkinnyFromThe9 that instantly racked up numbers within its first week of release. 

Pourya recently announced what might be the biggest accomplishment of his career. It’s in regards to his management company, Wave Foundation Management. His management company is a compilation of some of today’s most innovative designers, advertisers, and artists. Wave Foundation continues to develop and expand but will be the end result of years of hard work and dedication. It’s the foundational structure that’s in place to continue to make major play moves for years to come. 

Pourya’s Continued Journey

Continuously expanding his music catalog, he has long since proven his worth within this industry. An extensive list of hit records within a short period of time with his name attached, has already caught the eyes of the movers and shakers of Hip Hop. Featuring a star studded list including Fetty Wap, Jordan Hollywood, Rohan and more. His collaborations showcase a variety of major players within music. 

Finally, this all can be credited to Pourya’s brilliant eye for creativity and his remarkable ability to bring people together. Producing amazing works that might otherwise be unimaginable. In doing so, Pourya the Manager is committed to working diligently to ensure that the success and appreciation of unique Persian artists is received. He is a proud advocate of diversity and innovation. By taking on unknown artists, it shows that he’s eager to give them the opportunity to make a name for themselves. In his short career, though he has achieved an amazing amount of accomplishments, Pourya is optimistic that this is just the beginning. With his eyes set on 2021 and the years to come, he is in a position to be a mainstay of the mainstream music scene. Stay tuned to Hip Hop Dose for more hits coming your way! 



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