Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Head To The Top With Trendz Luciano To See The “Penthouse View”

The jury is out on whether maleas hip-hop artists are making more noise in the upcoming year since women emcees have been taking over both emerging and mainstream. Trendz Luciano is the latest rhymer to prove that the rumors may be true and is here with a new single paired with the visual titled, “Penthouse View”! 

The clever rapper-singer used his time wisely during this quarantine. Although too much of anything can be a bit much, this isolation produced growth in Trendz’s music is all facets such as song-writing, curating, promoting, editing, directing, etc. His progression and momentum is felt and heard in his most recent release. 

Kicking off the music video, Trendz is seen entering the Penthouse before walking to the window to enjoy the view. Shortly after leading lady, dancer & choreographer, Taylor Tashae enters the suite and follows the FL based rhymer into the bedroom and on to the bed. Luciano is seen enjoying the fruits of his labor. Throughout the record he rhymes about his hustle and constant grind within music. 

Not only is the beat hypnotizing the way Skyler The Engineer mixed it so beautifully, the visuals are here to keep you hooked. His Dope-Visionz Donny-shot visual is a vibrant vibe. Directed and edited by Trendz himself, it truly gives fans insight on the day and the life of Trendz Luciano. Before you know it things start to heat up but I won’t tell you anymore — go check it out yourself here on Hip Hop Dose

Trendz has been trending from coast to coast for a hot second now. This record is going up and man let me tell you, that view is going to be everything! Take a look below. 

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