Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Doley Bernays Releases “When’s The Right Time?”

When’s the right time? NOW!

Doley Bernays has always been able to move a crowd and continues to make a bunch of noise, musically. As of late, he’s been shaking the music scene up non stop with back to back hits. The Bronx rapper has always had the best timing. What better time is there then now for a new hit just in time for the Holidays?! You got it! There is no better time. With that being said, Doley blessed fans with his latest release, “When’s The Right Time?”

This track showcases Doley’s growth as well as lets fans in on his unique artistry. With “When’s The Right Time?, it opens up with a woman speaking about how he doesn’t appreciate himself the way others around him do. Which in most cases is very true. The beat vibes and alone is an ear absorber. The beat paired with the vulnerability and lyricism is impeccable. I know personally as a fan, the artistry is greatly appreciated. Expressing moments he won’t get back as well as life experiences, you hear how the cherished instances and the appreciation that was developed. 

Furthermore, the track really will change your perspective, in a great way. It makes you appreciate the little things. Makes you think, when is the right time? You feel his emotions as well as reflecting on your own life and emotions. Not only that, the way his lyricism rides the beat, it’s definitely a track you can keep on repeat. This is by far one of my personal favorites! Want to see why?

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