Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Moe D Is The “Evolution” Hip-Hop Needs

Hailing from Western Massachusetts is none other than the Jack of all trades – musical artist, Moe D. At a young age, the Holyoke native knew he’d be a star when he grew a passion for music after receiving a karaoke from his mother. Since13 years old, Moe has used his love for the art of music to hone his craft. In doing so, Moe D has become a hit making machine by rapping, singing, producing, beat making, audio engineering, and penning his own music. 

Massachusetts’s Moe D

His thirst for knowledge in hip-hop grew, bigger than just the breakdown and curation of a hit. So much so, he went on to further perfect his art by studying music history – especially hip-hop. In addition, Moe gives fans his “Authentic” record which is inspired by the roots of hip-hop.


Bringing nothing but authentic, organic, hard hitting hip-hop, Moe D is a force to be reckoned with! His consistency keeps his music in the streets and in the ears of industry trailblazers. Moe D dropped his latest project, ‘Evolution‘ and each track can be felt!

A number of records like “Authentic”, “Feel Me”, and his latest,“Highway to Heaven”, off his ‘Evolution’ project come paired with a dope visual. 

Now that we gave you a taste of what the project is like, be sure to run the numbers up! Stream below! 


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