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Detroit Artist Larell Opens Up About His Upbringing in the Music Industry

Larell has been in the game for right around 10 years now. Originally from the East Side of Detroit, Larell found his passion for music initially in beat making but quickly switched to rapping. Larell drew his original inspiration for music from his stepdad’s impactful DJ skills which also added to Larell’s versatility and ability to adapt to all kinds of music. Being a student to the game is something Larell takes very seriously. “I spent years studying and learning before I even started making music. I try to incorporate what I’ve learned throughout the years and add a modern spin,” said Larell when asked about his knowledge about the industry. It’s clear that Larell knows how to adapt with the times and the new sounds that comes with that, which is a very important tool to have in this industry

Larell “Young Folk’ Music Video

What’s Out and What’s Coming

Larell released “Look at God” back in 2018 which gained some heavy traction and propelled Larell into his first major project Best Version of Me which has done over 500k streams! With Larell still making waves off of his first album and his hit single “Young Folk”, he looks to follow it with a well-respected sophomore tape which is expected to release in late 2020. Larell is an artist that should be on everyone’s top radar…with his impressive versatility and true musicianship Larell has all it takes to make it to the next level. 

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