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Something Good Out of Isolation: New Musical Horizons for Artist Jerome Melo

2020 was a difficult year for everybody. We’re not here to give credit to some group more than others. Everyone faced a rough patch, many lost themselves in the chaos and desolation of recent months, and very few managed to grow out of their imposed isolation. One such individual was rapper and hip hopper Jerome Melo, out of Miami, Florida.

For him, isolation wasn’t only a time to reflect, but to actually catch up on work and develop a project that had been lingering in his mind for a very long time, mainly his brand new business, which he’s literally just launched. His business, called quite appropriately “The Cool Era” is an exciting new project for artists such as himself to grow and thrive under.

In a recent interview, we asked him a couple of questions about how The Cool Era came to be, and this is what he had to tell us.

“The Cool Era came from isolation & reflection in order to grow and continuously hearing people say things like ” You’re too cool now huh?”. People always told me to never change as well and thought that was very important for everyone to know that being yourself can open a lot more doors for you than anything else.”

An interesting message, one that too few care to preach these days. As an artist and entrepreneur, Melo has had time, in the time he’s been present on the music scene (and countless more creating on his own before that) to understand all of the ups and downs of the industry today. He’s seen all the good there is, but also the aspects that could do with a change or two, and now he’s doing the only thing he can in order to see those changes come about – he’s striking out on his own, in order to help himself (and other musicians) grow in today’s world.

Now obviously, 2020 has been a very difficult times for musicians as well, and not many leaders have focused on that, leaving artists desperately in need of a helping hand, since few have been able to perform or earn in this past year.

In comes Jerome Melo, a driven young artist and musician, who has managed to climb to the top of the local rap and hip hop scenes all by himself, without any big labels or heavy names to back him up, going solely on talent and a natural eye for good business.

He’s risen to be one of the most well-loved musical figures of Miami and was voted as Cosign Artist of the Month last year, on Miami’s top Hip-Hop station, 99Jamz. And seeing all the hardship that his fellow musicians have had to endure this past year, Melo decided to help in what way he could, and impart some of his generous knowledge and great vision with the world, through The Cool Era.

A monumental undertaking, and yet one worthy of a man with such vision, we can already see The Cool Era (and Jerome Melo himself) going places.

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