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Upcoming Artist $tories Links with CEO Jenny Q. Ta for “Bitcoin Song (CoinLinked)”

When you mix a talented music artist with a brilliant business owner you have the complete recipe for creative marketing with unlimited potential. Businesses have always connected with musicians to tell their company’s story or promote their message. None as creative and catchy like the most recent collaboration between music artist $tories and Coinlinked CEO Jenny Q. Ta.
Jenny Q. Ta is a seasoned entrepreneur with many years of experience in business and also a Wall Street veteran. Her latest endeavor Coinlinked is already making waves along the crypto community. When asked about what she wants people to understand about Coinlinked, she says, “A simple sentence that would describe Coinlinked well is, it is a modern day social marketplace that removes limitations of how people use cryptocurrency such as bitcoin to purchase everyday products while valuing anonymity and trust.”

We were curious as to how Jenny linked up with music artist $tories for their Coinlinked collaborated record. Jenny explained she found $tories online. She was highly active on Twitter and one of her followers shared a video $tories created for Presidential candidate Andrew Yang which went viral. They began talking about doing something together. In the midst of planning the launch of CoinLinked Jenny thought a collaborated song would be a fun idea. With some keywords and a little direction $tories went to work on creating the record.

“I’ve always been fascinated with Bitcoin and how much people would profit off of it. So, when Jenny’s team reached out it wasn’t hard to create a concept,” $tories says.

Jenny fell in love with the record the first time she heard it. From the selection of the production to the smooth flow, she describes the song as a mixture of hip hop and modern pop. “It’ll be very cool for bitcoin,” she says.
We asked $tories about his process when collaborating with businesses and brands.

“Making songs has always come easy to me. So, when it comes to making songs for brands and businesses it is always key to be catchy and leave the listener remembering the brand or product,” he says.

We completely agree that the most remembered and successful music and brand collaborations are those with the catchy ring to them. It is no doubt that $tories has a bright future in music and that Jenny’s continued success will continue to rise. With her expertise in not only business, but finding talent, one day we may see her name as a force in the music industry.

Check out the video below.


Listen to the song below.



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